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Polestar Introduces Single-Motor Polestar 2 With More Range

Polestar has announced two new versions of the Polestar 2 model that will join the Launch Edition: a new single motor version and a new simplified configuration of the dual-motor version.

Both new Polestar 2 versions are expected to get slightly higher EPA range ratings and will be available with new option packages that include a heat pump.
The main goal is to lower the starting prices and simultaneously increase range, “without sacrificing key features such as Google Assistant and Google Maps built-into the vehicle”.
The exterior and interior design to be largely indistinguishable between the three models. The minimum specs include:
19-inch wheels (vs 20-inch in the initial version)
signature LED light designs front and rear
drag-reducing frameless mirrors
new embossed textile upholstery is a vegan material and is available in two color executions, both matched to 3D-etched décor panels
an 8-speaker high-performance stereo
front- and rear parking sensors, and a rear backup camera
Google’s new Android Automotive OS powers the infotainment system via an 11-inch center display and 12.3-inch dashboard display, featured as standard on all variants
new Polestar app is the Polestar Digital Key, which complements other vehicle controls at the touch of the driver’s smartphoneRolling out to all Polestar 2 owners OTA from May 2021
Over-the-Air updatability

The single motor version with a higher range was expected for quite some time. It will be less expensive than the current P2 (but the prices have not yet been announced) and will arrive in North America at the end of 2021.

Instead of two 150 kW electric motors, there will be only one (170 kW) for front-wheel drive. The 78 kWh battery pack remains the same.

According to Polestar, the expected EPA range will be about 260 miles (418 km), compared to 233 miles (375 km) in the current AWD Launch Edition version.

The second new version is a simplified configuration of the dual-motor version, that offers “more flexibility to create a bespoke vehicle that suits the customer’s needs.”
Without all the options, and possibly with smaller wheels (19-inch wheels), the expected EPA range to be 240 miles (386 km), so slightly more than the current Polestar 2.

The initial Polestar 2 Launch Edition is still available for immediate delivery across the U.S. and Canada.
This version of the electric performance fastback “offers a fully-loaded vehicle at a slight price advantage vs. adding individual packages to a dual-motor Polestar 2.”

Moreover, there is a time-limited $2,000 trade-in assistance:

“For those looking to take immediate delivery of a Polestar 2, the brand is currently offering $2,000 of trade-in assistance to those who are trading in an internal combustion vehicle towards a Polestar 2. As part of Polestar’s Earth Day sustainability initiatives, this offer is available to U.S. and Canadian consumers taking delivery before the end of April 2021.”

One of the most important new features is the heat pump, available as a part of the Plus Pack package.
The heat pump increases the efficiency of heating the cabin (up to 50%, according to Polestar), which might help in wintertime.
The manufacturer explains that at an exterior temperature of 40-60°F (4-16°C) the vehicle can gain as much as 10% more range, compared to a standard electric heater.
The Plus Pack includes also heated front seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel and heated wiper blades:

“The Plus Pack includes premium interior, exterior and convenience equipment. The exterior highlight of this package is a full-length panoramic glass roof. Across the interior numerous homages to sustainable luxury are present, including a premium Harman Karmon audio system with 13 speakers, WeaveTech vegan upholstery, Black Ash wood deco panels, fully-electric heated front seats with memory, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel and heated wiper blades. The most notable feature of the Plus Pack is an invisible one: a mechanical heat pump.”
“The new heat pump reduces the need to rely on valuable battery charge in order to heat the interior of the Polestar 2, enabling further overall driving range. It captures ambient heat and residual thermal energy from the drivetrain in order to reduce the climate draw on the battery by as much as 50%. In colder climates this has a great impact on range, and at an exterior temperature of 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit the vehicle can gain as much as 10% more range. Polestar’s ongoing development of the system also means that future range improvements can be deployed via complimentary OTA updates.”

The Pilot Pack includes enhanced safety and driver assistance features, such as:
Pixel LED headlights with LED front fog lights
Driver Assistance with Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist,
a 360-degree surround-view camera
all-round parking sensors
Driver Awareness including Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with steering support, Cross Traffic Alert with brake support and Rear Collision Warning.
The Performance Pack package (only for dual motor version):
four adjustable Öhlins suspension dampers
enhanced Brembo brakes with low-drag calipers
forged 20-inch alloy wheels mated to sport tires
signature ‘Swedish gold’ aesthetic details both inside and out
Single options:

“A handful of specific single options also remain available. These include Nappa leather upholstery with ventilation (requires Plus Pack), a selection of metallic paint colors, 20-inch alloy wheels and a semi-electric folding trailer hitch.”

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Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO said:

“2021 is the year in which Polestar 2 will really gain momentum. We launched with a strong offer which has set a great tone for the car. Now, we expand that offering with additional versions – each one maintaining its unique design, premium quality and fun driving experience. What we have successfully managed with the new versions of the Polestar 2 is to avoid stripping the lower-priced models of their character and premium feeling. Even the most affordable Polestar 2, with no option packs, has great visual consistency and high level of standard equipment.”

Polestar 2 Launch Edition specs:

* in China battery capacity will be 72 kWh

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